Pomegranate Benefits for Health:

1. Prevents cancer:

The high amounts of anti-oxidants, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron in pomegranates fight against free radicals, stopping them from damaging cells. Pomegranates thus prevent many cancers, especially prostate cancer , breast cancer  and lung cancer .

2. Prevents heart diseases:

Anti-oxidants present in pomegranates lower bad cholesterol, LDL and increases good cholesterol, HDL, thus preventing heart diseases . Its juice improves blood circulation through the heart, making it healthier.

3. Boosts immunity:

A medium sized pomegranate contains 15% of the daily required vitamin C which is very essential for a good immune system. So a pomegranate a day could improve your immunity and keep the doctor away.

4. Healthy skin:

Vitamin C helps in producing collagen. This collagen can help maintain the elasticity of the skin. Pomegranate oil derived from the seeds can be applied on the body. Its anti-oxidants protect the skin from toxic gases and pollution, thus preventing ageing and skin cancer. It helps in skin cells regeneration, removes dull and dead cells and gives healthy glowing skin.

5. Increase Bone Health:

Pomegranate, if taken daily can give strength to bones and prevents osteoarthritis . As we age; our bone density can decrease to an alarming level. To prevent and even reverse this damage, consuming pomegranate or pomegranate extracts might be helpful. When pomegranate is fed to the mothers, even the unborn child is shown to have more calcified bones.


6. Healthy arteries:

There is a phenomenon of a plaque like build up occurring on the arteries. This can be removed with the daily intake of pomegranates . This also prevents the chances of further build up.

7. Blood pressure:

Pomegranate juice if taken daily can reduce high blood pressure up to 5%. This reduction in systolic blood pressure can reduce the chances of stroke .

8. Prevents dental plaque:

Drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily (without sugar) and it can prevent dental plaque. A recent study revealed that the polyphenols, tannins and ellagic acids contained in pomegranate can help inhibit the colony formation of plaque causing bacteria .

9. Prevents diarrhea:

Pomegranates has been said to be a great natural remedy for diarrhea due to its natural astringent properties . But, consuming too much pomegranate juice could cause constipation.

10. Weight control:

Another of the pomegranate benefits is that it is high in anti-oxidants, if taken daily can help you in controlling your body weight. You can take the fruit in your daily diet and lose those extra calories . The high fiber content will also make sure that people feel more satiated after its consumption.

11. Prevents cell damage:

The presence of anti-oxidants in high quantity fights against the free radicals which usually attack the cells and damage them . Regular consumption of this fruit can keep your body cells and tissues healthy.

12. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease:

One of the greatest health benefits of pomegranate is that if this fruit is taken daily, it can help in preventing Alzheimer’s disease . If the patient is already affected by this disease, then it can be slowed down with this fruit. It also improves the patient’s brain and helps to do daily activities properly and more actively.


Pomegranate Benefits for Skin:

These juicy red fruits can provide extraordinary benefits to your skin, thanks to their incredible antioxidant, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. They are often incorporated in many skincare ranges. They can do wonders for your skin in the following ways.

13. Maintains Skin Health:

Collagen is the basic component of your skin which ensures that your skin remains soft, smooth and firm. Certain compounds present in pomegranates stop the enzymes from breaking down collagen, thus maintaining skin health . They also assist in the growth of fibroplasts, the cells that produce elastin and fiber to ensure that your skin remains smooth and supple. Furthermore, this fruit stimulates proliferation of keratinocytes, the cells that form the outermost layer of your skin. Increase in the number of these cells enables your skin to repair itself better.

14. Aids in Cell Regeneration:

Skin damage often leads to problems like pigmentation and age spots . Pomegranates are beneficial in this regard as they protect the epidermis (outer layer of the skin), and facilitate skin cell regeneration in the epidermis and dermis (inner layer). They aid in the production of naturally occurring antioxidants by your body which help in regeneration of skin cells. In this way, they help in increasing circulation and aiding in tissue repair and wound healing.

15. Treatment of Acne:

Acne is caused due to digestive problems or hormonal imbalance. Pomegranate, being a rich source of vitamin C, can regulate the production of sebum, an oily substance secreted by your skin which is the root cause of pimples. It also corrects digestive problems, thus promoting healthy blood circulation in the body. You can apply pomegranate juice on the areas affected by pimples. This will prevent acne and scars by generating tissues in the affected area .

16. Beneficial for Dry Skin:

The small molecular structure of pomegranate enables it to penetrate deeply into the skin, making it effective for treating dry skin . It has the ability to soothe dry, cracked and irritated skin as it contains punicic acid, an omega-5 fatty acid that hydrates skin and prevents moisture loss.

17. Beneficial for Oily/Combination Skin:

Pomegranate oil is great for oily skin and is often used in skincare products meant for acne prone skin to combat breakouts, reduce scarring and soothe minor irritations .

18. Anti-ageing Benefits:

Pomegranates possess anti-ageing properties, thus rejuvenating your skin both internally and externally. Pomegranate juice is beneficial for the skin that is damaged due to sun exposure or ageing. The oil from pomegranate seeds helps strengthen the epidermis thus reducing or delaying wrinkles. This fruit repairs skin damage to provide you with smooth and youthful skin and extends the life of the cells that are involved in the production of collagen and elastin. The collagen and elastin pump up your skin and render it elasticity, thus keeping it youthful and minimizing the occurrence of wrinkles .

19. Sun Protection:

Pomegranates are a great way of countering the damaging effects of the sun . They contain a number of antioxidants that protect your skin against free radical damage. They also prevent skin cancer, relieve sunburn and reduce the signs of sun damage. It provides protection against skin cancer as it contains a large amount of ellagic acid, a polyphenol antioxidant which inhibits the growth of skin tumors.

20. Treatment of Skin Inflammation:

Pomegranate extracts are comparable to any ointment in soothing skin inflammation . They contain polyphenols along with other compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties. The seeds of pomegranate contain excellent healing properties that promote rapid healing. Consuming pomegranates and applying its extracts or oil on the affected area ensures quick healing of your skin and fights infection. Moreover, it does not leave a scar or mark on the skin after healing.

Pomegranate Benefits for Hair:

This delectable fruit is not likely to be effective in miraculously curing hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, thinning hair etc. But it does contain nutrients that can benefit your hair indirectly. For instance, hair loss is often caused due to anemia, which can be reduced by this fruit. Pomegranate improves circulation which might help in combating hair loss.

21. Strengthens Hair Follicles:

Drinking pomegranate juice helps in strengthening your hair follicles . Pomegranate extract is often used to treat hair loss. Pomegranate seed oil contains punicic acid which makes your hair strong, thick and healthy. It also improves circulation to the scalp, thus stimulating hair growth.

22. Treatment of Frizzy Hair:

Pomegranate oil is often used in hot oil treatments or pre-shampoo soothing for frizzy and over processed hair for the purpose of conditioning kinky, curly and wavy hair. It detangles your hair and moisturizes the hair shaft, thus enhancing the appearance and feel of your hair. After knowing its numerous benefits, here are some tips and tidbits on how to get the maximum out of pomegranate fruit .



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