Health Benefits of Drumstick


§  It is a rich source of highly digestive proteins, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, and carotenoids.

§  Drumstick soup helps to control any kind of chest congestion, coughs and sore throats.

§  Juice extracted from drum stick leaves, when mixed with milk and offered to children will greatly helps to strengthen their bones as it is said to be a great source of Calcium.

§  Drumstick leaves juice gives a good glow to your skin and face also drumstick is said to be a great blood purifier.

§  Drumstick leaves are used to treat many problems such as the wheezing of asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis.

§  Soup made with drumstick leaves and flowers are highly beneficial in preventing infections such as throat, chest and skin.

§  Drumstick-leaf juice is also very beneficial for pregnant women as it can help them to overcome sluggishness of the uterus, ease delivery, and reduce post-delivery complications.

§  Inhaling steam of water in which drumsticks have been boiled helps to control asthma and other lung problems.

§  Because of the high calcium, iron, and vitamins, drumstick leaves can be used as a wonderful tonic for infants, growing kids and teens to promote strong and healthy bones.

§  Pregnant women should often eat drumsticks as it helps to ease any kind of pre and post-delivery complication.


Approximate Values of Vitamins and Minerals available in DrumSticks per 100gm:

§  Vitamin C - 110mg - 120mg

§  Calcium - 25mg - 30mg

§  Iron - 5.0mg- 5.4mg

§  phosphorus - 110mg - 120mg

§  Traces of vitamin B complex

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