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  • Baby potato (choto aloo) छोटे आलू - ছোট আলু - 1kg
  • Baby potato (choto aloo) छोटे आलू - ছোট আলু - 1kg

Skin Benefits Of Potato:

Apart from being used as a food source, potatoes have an important role to play in skincare as well. As pointed out earlier, they are rich in vitamin C which is vital for maintaining skin health. Thus, this starchy vegetable is beneficial for your skin in the following ways.

1. Removal of Dark Circles:

Potatoes are a natural under eye brightener and so, applying potato juice or potatoes directly on the affected area can banish dark eye rings.

·         Peel and slice a raw potato into large pieces.

·         Placing them in a cloth or handkerchief, stick them on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.

·         Wash off with warm water.

·         Doing this regularly will reduce your dark circles considerably.

·         You can also apply potato juice under your eyes with a cotton ball to fade away dark circles.

2. Treatment of Wrinkles:

Potato is considered as an effective anti-ageing beauty agent, particularly in warding off wrinkles.

·         Regular application of potato juice imparts a healthy glow to your skin

·         It also helps to soften your skin as well as keep wrinkles at bay.

3. Treatment of Dark Spots:

Potatoes are a natural way of fading away those dark spots.

·         If you have black spots on your face, you can blend peeled potatoes in a blender

·         Next, apply them on your face.

·         Give a gentle massage

·         Then do peeling for 5 minutes

·         Once done, rinse off with clean water.

4. Removal of Facial Blemishes:

Facial blemishes adversely affect your appearance and potato juice is a great natural way to get rid of them.

·         Use cold potato juice as a daily facial rinse

·         This can help you get rid of your blemishes

·         It will help reveal clear and perfect skin.

5. Treatment of Sunburns:

Potatoes are wonderful for treating sun burnt skin.

·         All you need to do is place cold potato slices on the affected areas

·         Alternatively, you can simply dab potato juice on the spot.

·         This will give you a soothing and cooling sensation as well as diminish your suntan.

6. Skin Lightening:

Potatoes are a natural skin lightening agent.

·         Apply a mask of grated raw potato on your face and rinse off with water after 30 minutes.

·         Using this on a regular basis will make your face smooth, clean and bright as well as reduce facial swelling.

·         You can also apply a mixture of lemon and potato juices to lighten your skin naturally.

·         This acts as mild bleach for your skin and yields quick results.

7. Potato for Dry Skin:

If you have dry skin, potatoes will help give you that smooth skin feeling in minutes.

·         Make a face mask by mixing a grated potato with half a teaspoon of curd.

·         Apply it on your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

·         This will act as an anti-ageing mask to hydrate your skin from within

·         It will also help to replenish moisture into dry skin to iron out fine lines effectively.

8. Lifting of Dead Skin Cells:

Potatoes can also remove dead skin cells on the face.

·         You can apply grated peeled potatoes on your face for 10 minutes

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Baby potato (choto aloo) छोटे आलू - ছোট আলু - 1kg

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