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  • Ash gourd- চাল কুমড়ো - पेठा - 1 pcs
  • Ash gourd- চাল কুমড়ো - पेठा - 1 pcs

Benefits of Ash gourd:

Good diet for diabetics: Ash gourd is known for its medicinal values and healing power. Being low in calories, it is ideal for diabetic patients, and those seeking weight-control. The cooling purgative herb boosts secretion and disposal of urine. Therefore it acts as a good detoxifying agent too.

Cures Peptic ulcer: Ash gourd juice is beneficial for those suffering from peptic ulcer. The juice derived from shredded ash gourd, when mixed with equal amount of water, could be taken every morning in an empty stomach, and thereafter no food should be consumed for three hours.

Kills intestinal worms: The seeds of ash gourd are anabolic and encourages tissue growth, particularly, when consumed with coconut milk. It helps in ejecting tapeworm and other intestinal worms.

Treats constipation: It provides good relief from constipation and tones up the general digestive system.

Beats acidity: Due to its strong ‘antacid’ action, it helps in maintaining the body pH. It counteracts acidity created in the stomach due to intake of acidic foods like fried, soft drinks and denatured food.

Acts as blood coagulant: Ash gourd acts as a blood coagulant. Since ancient times, its fresh juice, when mixed with a teaspoon of gooseberry or lime juice, is used as a specific medicine to stop profuse bleeding from lungs and presence of blood cells in the urine.

Treats common cold: It helps in controlling common cold, cough, fever, sinusitis, bronchitis, influenza and more, without any side effects. It can also be of much relief tochronic asthma patients.

In Ayurveda, ash gourd is used to treat epilepsy, asthma, lung diseases, urine retention, internal haemorrhage, and cough. The fruit juice is also effective in cases of mercury poisoning and snakebites. It can even treat mouth cancer, protecting teeth and gums when a mouth gargle of the juice is done regularly. It is also effective in bleeding of gums.

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Ash gourd- চাল কুমড়ো - पेठा - 1 pcs

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