Health benefits of Amaranth leaves

Rich Vitamin source

Amaranth is rich vitamin source food. It contains vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and folic acid and vitamin C. These vitamins make it as popular green leafy vegetable in India.

Rich Minerals source

It contains the many minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc etc. All this minerals are available in this.


Amaranth contains the proteins in higher level. It contains the proteins more than that of  oats, rice, wheat contains in them. Amaranth does not contain gulten many leafy vegetables contains this protein. It contains many aminco acids recommended for daily diet.

Cancer food

It contains the high fiber and essential amino acids .Both these are good to prevent the cancer .Fiber foods amaranth helps in control of cholesterol.

Easy Digestive

It is easily digestive food. It contains the fiber .Fiber is better digestible than the proteins and minerals and other. Boiled amaranth is highly used in many countries. It does not lose any vitamin, mineral, protein vales.


Amaranth contains vitamin C which is helpful in boost your immune system.

Disease Prevention

It boost your immunity that’s the reason its improves the disease prevention of the body by activating the white blood cells.

Keep black hair

Amaranth helps the keeps your hair black. Its make your hair not to lose its original color quickly. It prevents to turn your hair becomes gray.

Note: Amaranth contains the oxalic acid which is helpful in absorbing the minerals like zinc , calcium. Boiled amaranth is best for everyone. Over fried amaranth is not recommended.

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